As part of DEI 1.0 self-evaluations, units were asked to review and update their Y5 Checklist of institutionalized DEI policies, practices and/or standard operating procedures and to indicate which constituencies were impacted by each formalized policy and practice. The evaluation and assessment team then determined the proportion of campus units that formalized DEI-related policies and practices during DEI 1.0.

Analysis of formalized policies, procedures and practices related to recruiting, retaining and developing a successful workforce and student body revealed significant engagement across all 50 units:

  • Nearly all academic and administrative/service units formalized policies and practices focused on staff recruitment and development
  • A majority (80-100%) of both unit types implemented policies to support fair and unbiased hiring of staff
  • Nearly all academic units enacted policies to support fair, unbiased practices for faculty hiring and student admission
  • Many academic units (80-100%) provided professional and career development opportunities for staff, and several (40-79%) offered mentorship or sponsorship connection tools for faculty and students
  • Many administrative/service units (40-79%) also provided mentorship and sponsorship connection tools for staff
  • Most units incorporated DEI into their staff annual review process (40-79% of both unit types)

To learn more about the aggregate analysis of unit policies and practices, please refer to the Unit-level Evaluations and Reflections section of the downloadable DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report. Additionally, each unit’s responses to the domain-specific checklist can be found here [Tableau | CSV].


During the DEI 1.0 performance period, the University of Michigan has implemented new infrastructure toward addressing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for all constituencies including students, faculty and staff. This infographic identifies four areas where the infrastructure needs have been positively impacted in support of DEI 1.0 efforts: (1) There are now 100-plus DEI Leads on the U-M campus and 120-plus DEI Leads at Michigan Medicine. (2) 100% of schools/colleges consider DEI in the faculty annual review process and 100% of units consider DEI in the staff performance review process. (3) The Trotter Multicultural Center has hosted 100-plus programs and workshops and have hosted 13,761 participants and guests from September 2020 through April 2022. (4) 27 senior faculty have been recognized for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through scholarship, teaching, service or engagement.

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