As part of DEI 1.0, units created annual plans for DEI action and identified strategic objectives and action items to enact DEI efforts. Every year, units reviewed and updated their DEI plans to reflect both progress toward goals and newly identified opportunities and challenges. As part of the central evaluation process for DEI 1.0, the evaluation and assessment team analyzed unit-specified actions and identified the level of progression toward institutional change.

The level of progression of DEI efforts to create an inclusive and equitable campus climate increased from Year 1 and Year 5 of DEI 1.0. In Year 1, many of the unit efforts demonstrated a commitment to DEI through action. However, by Year 5, a greater proportion of unit efforts demonstrated sustained action and established practices to support DEI. Among unit efforts to create an inclusive and equitable campus climate, 46% of Year 5 efforts had progressed to sustained action with positive gains on impact.

To learn more about these analyses, please see the DEI Progression section of the downloadable DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report.

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