As of Winter 2022, SuccessConnects (SC) has served 2,209 students. Among the 962 first-year students to receive support, 62.7% are female, 53.9% are underrepresented minorities (URM) and 47.5% are first-generation college students.

Program outcomes have been extremely positive, with participants reporting a high level of academic achievement:

  • At the end of their first year, SC students had an average cumulative GPA of 3.47
  • By the end of their second year, SC students had a significantly higher GPA (M = 3.52) than those who declined to join the program (M = 3.43)
  • 68.9% of SC students who matriculated to U-M in Fall 2018 graduated within four years

At the end of their second year at U-M, SC students also report significantly greater psychological well-being and use of campus resources than those from similar backgrounds who choose not to participate in the program. Despite experiencing higher levels of imposter syndrome than traditional students on average, SC participants also report finding one or more communities in which they feel they belong.

To learn more, please see the SuccessConnects section of the downloadable DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report.


The SuccessConnects program is structured to improve student performance and increase the retention of underrepresented students attending the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). The SuccessConnects program is a program for U-M students that offers mentorship and personal development from the first-day students arrive on campus. This infographic reports on five key data points: (1) the SuccessConnects program served 2,209 students during the first six years from 2016 through 2022. (2) The GPA gap between underrepresented minority students and majority students at U-M significantly decreased. (3) Compared to students from similar backgrounds who did not participate in the program, SuccessConnects students report (a) Higher GPAs, (b) greater sense of belonging at U-M, and (c) experience more positive psychological well-being.

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