The 2021-22 academic year marked the conclusion of the university’s initial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Five-Year Strategic Plan, known as DEI 1.0. It also marked the beginning of a year-long evaluation process in which central and unit-level content and actions from DEI 1.0 were thoroughly assessed.

Findings from the evaluation period—to be shared with the campus in early winter 2023—are helping to guide a yearlong planning phase for the university’s next DEI strategic plan, DEI 2.0. This second five-year initiative will launch in October of 2023.

During the two-year transition period between strategic plans, the university will continue its DEI-related efforts, providing regular progress updates to the entire campus community. This will include the work of DEI implementation leads across campus in all schools, colleges and additional units across the university.

DEI 2.0 Transition Timeline

DEI 2.0 Transition Timeline Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 DEI 1.0 Evaluation – Central & Unit Level During the 2021-22 academic year, all 50 units with DEI Plans (including all schools and colleges, U-M Libraries, Student Life, Michigan Medicine and more), conduct self-study evaluations of their DEI efforts across the 5 years of their strategic plans (2016-2021), with central support provided by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) evaluation team. Unit DEI 1.0 evaluations are due centrally by the end of May, 2022. February – May 2022 Leadership Meetings ODEI hosts a series of meetings with Executive Officers, Deans and Unit Directors of the 50 DEI planning units to define the charge, scope and parameters of the planning process and transition to DEI 2.0, collect their reflections on challenges and successes of DEI 1.0, and gather input to inform decisions on priority action items for DEI 2.0. March 2022 Student Community Conversations Events ODEI hosts forums for students to meet with CDO Sellers and other key leaders to discuss ongoing DEI work, the transition to DEI 2.0 and upcoming leadership transitions. Nursing mothers need to coordinate with facilities to access the room, contact Mary-Alice Wiland, Facilities Manager, at or 734-764-6524 March 2022 Campus Climate Survey Reports shared with Executive Officers, Deans, Directors & DEI Leads Guidance is provided for incorporating results into DEI 1.0 evaluations and for fall rollout in schools, colleges and additional units with DEI Plans. April 2022 Community Conversation Events for Faculty ODEI hosts forums for faculty to meet with CDO Sellers and other key leaders to discuss ongoing DEI work, the transition to DEI 2.0 and upcoming leadership transitions. May 2022 Community Conversation Events for Staff ODEI hosts forums for staff to meet with CDO Sellers and other key leaders to discuss ongoing DEI work, the transition to DEI 2.0 and upcoming leadership transitions. June 2022 Strategic Planning Retreat for All 50 Units with DEI Plans In addition to the DEI 2.0 leadership planning conversations, ODEI is developing a one-day strategic planning retreat for all the DEI planning units. We will be asking each school/college/unit to bring a team of up to 6 individuals, inclusive of their Executive Officers, Deans/Directors, DEI Leads, and other key partners. The sessions will cover a broad range of topics focused on how to best utilize the year-long DEI 2.0 planning process that will begin in Fall 2022. October 2022 DEI Summit; Recognition of Unit DEI Efforts and Progress DEI Summit to focus on DEI 1.0 five-year summative reports, recognition event to celebrate unit accomplishments over the 5 years and to formally launch the planning Year for DEI 2.0. October/November 2022 DEI Strategic Planning Town Halls Engagement events linked with DEI Summit focusing on DEI 2.0 Strategic Planning October 2022 – May 2023 DEI Strategic Planning Schools, Colleges and campus units engage in a planning process to develop their DEI 2.0 Strategic Plans including specific goals and metrics. October 2023 DEI 2.0 Launch The 2023 – 2028 Campus DEI 2.0 Strategic Plan will be revealed to the campus community via a large-scale launch event.

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