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Action Item (as stated with DEI strategic plan launch in 2016)

The Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) continues to serve as the campuswide hub for K-12 outreach. CEO leads a coordinated university-level strategy for educational outreach and engagement and significantly increases both the capacity and effectiveness of U-M faculty, campus outreach professionals and student groups by providing consulting, training and programs to equip them to work with K-12 communities including schools, youth and college-access organizations.

DEI 1.0 Evaluation Update

Over the years of DEI 1.0, CEO created and enhanced a number of programs and initiatives.

Communities of Practice now include:

  • University Outreach Council with 375 members from 150+ campus units
  • Faculty Forums on Outreach and Engagement, with collaborations between U-M and community partners that to date have sponsored events for 750+ participants
  • Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference, held in the past 3 years, engaged 720+ outreach professionals from 32+ institutions

Infrastructure and Tools to support outreach:

  • Youth Hub highlights 75+ pre-college programs, 35 resources and events, and has 6,250+ user accounts with website visits by 13,000+ prospective students
  • The CEO Resource Library, hosted on the CEO website, which highlights and makes accessible 35+ video, PDF, and toolkit resources for any K-12 or higher education users that focus on programming, interacting with students virtually, training young professionals in the outreach space, and much more
  • A series of innovation programs launched in Year Five that includes: College Made (engaging 125 students from 4 high schools); ECoach (serving 2,000+ high school students in 14 high schools); and virtual Wolverine Express for MCAC schools; in the past year, continued developing Google sites with online resources for statewide use

Consulting/Capacity Building:

  • Consulted with 17 schools/colleges and 35 central units on 50+ initiatives through 325+ consultations for faculty, staff and students
    Supported 29 student organizations through Project Inspire
  • Provided faculty on Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses with fellowships and grants to support their outreach projects
  • Developed long-term partnership with Children on Campus and ITS for minors to onboard new virtual and hybrid versions of K-12 campus programming

Direct Service:

  • Through Wolverine Express, connected over 48 U-M units and departments to 12 high schools, 120 classrooms and 2500+ students
  • Maintained a CEO campus visitation program that enabled 70+ in-person visits and 60+ virtual visits for 4750+ students
  • Partnered with Michigan College Advising Corps (MCAC) to place recent U-M graduates in 14 underserved high schools across the state as full-time college advisors
  • Leveraged the GEAR UP program to expand CEO’s college access programming to a cohort of 755+ 8th grade students through their first year of college

Responsibility: Center for Educational Outreach